Navales Enterprises Inc.

Our employees are committed to quality performance and timely completion of work functions.  N-E-I utilizes a proven sourcing and screening process during recruitment, along with retention and training programs, to ensure our employees are highly qualified for the position. 

Most importantly, we are committed to understanding your needs, objectives, and producing measurable results which surpass your expectations.  N-E-I partners with you to determine your ideal candidate based on qualification requirements. This commitment combined with our capacity and quality is why N-E-I has been successful for the past 31 years.  We have the right team to meet your needs!

N-E-I provides the following services:

What we do is simple...we help you succeed!

We have extensive experience...

There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Over the past 31 years, we have shared both with our clients, resulting in "win-win" scenarios. 

We provide resources...

We have amassed a list of prospective employees who can fulfill our clients' needs in a timely manner.  

We are flexible...

We emphasize flexibility as we adapt to varying deadlines, budgetary adjustments, and changing conditions.

Our Services

  • Program Management
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Systems Integration  
  • Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Professional and Administrative Personnel
  • Facilities Support Services
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Education and Training Support
  • Healthcare Administration 
  • ‚ÄčLife Safety Systems
  • Building Maintenance

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541611 - Program Management Services

541614 - Logistics and Supply Management

541370 - Surveying and Mapping 

541512 - Computer Integrator Services

561110 -Professional and  Administrative Services

561210 - Facilities Support Services

541219 - Accounting Services

611710 - Educational Support Services

561320 - Temporary Help Services

922160 - Fire Protection

561790 - Building Maintenance